My Pursuit To Financial Freedom Preface Blog

Hi reader, you have just stumbled upon my blog. Welcome to my blog. So you're probably wondering what this blog is all about. This is about my personal notes, dreams and struggles as i quest for financial freedom and financial intelligence.

I think one of the most challenging facets of living in today's world is about surviving. With a lot of people dreaming about to become millionaires at their own time, my dream doesnt just stop from there alone. Winning a one million sweepstakes raffle or jackpot from a television show or a contest raffle promo sometimes doesn't just guarantee one to financial freedom in the long run. What i long for is something that would make yourself free from the worries, debt and financial burden...i know this is sometimes hard to imagine and realize but i can always try, right? You see, I am one of those aspiring young generation of today DREAMING too about FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

I grew up from a humble family in the 3rd world country where most luxuries of life are not seen on the streets and buildings of acity hence at a very young age you would imagine my life back then and at that time I was already exposed to struggling life and saving money. Being the breadwinner now at 26, sometimes it becomes helpful to realize the advantages of not having my own family yet. With the skyrocketing amount of tuition fees, escalating food prices, oil and energy prices, what more aches and pains could it result if you're a struggling family man? This internal reflection got really deep into me and became such an eye opener. For some, life is more just a roller coaster ride or a box of chocolate that the definition of living is sometimes intertwined to surviving.

I am not a graduate of finance nor an economics major nor an expert on money matters. But just like everyone else here learning about life... and what life has to offer... and the multiple facets of financial freedom, i am starting this blog as a beacon of hope that maybe my quest and dream can be internalized and realized that maybe my financial ups and down would somehow benefit other viewers, readers and bloggers alike as i learn and experience this joy and painful rides toward financial independence.

Feel free to drop by a comment, suggestions, financial advices or tips you have in mind or any creative or constructive criticisms, i am happy to hear from you.
Thank you for reading my preface blog, i hope my personal experiences would inspire others and instill reflective images on your present life.

Wishing you all a good day!